Remember when Kim Kardashian shopped for manga in Tokyo and admitted that Darling in the Franxx’s 02 inspired her pink hair? Well, there’s another celebrity who’s a biger anime fan, and that’s her husband, Kanye West. Recently, the rapper took to twitter to express his love for Akira, and he did so in style. Let’s just say he gifted creator Katsuhiro Otomo a pair of his very own YEEZY sneakers.

Kanye describes the anime as the “biggest creative inspiration” in his career. He also tweeted out other praises for the film, saying “Every stage show I’ve ever worked on Every video not just Stronger every product even when I was in the hospital I would think… oh shit this is like Akira”. He even went as far as saying that it’s “not only the greatest animation achievement in history the subject matter is so relevant to the current state of the world”.

All in all, West is a huge Akira fanboy, and you can see it in his work. In fact, the music video for Stronger is one big shout-out to the film.