The battle between Ryuko and Satsuki from Kill la Kill is one of the most intense sibling rivalries in anime. And with the new Kill la Kill the Game: IF by Arc System Works, the rivalry is renewed. Now, the staff have released a new gameplay video which pits the two sisters against one another.

As the video shows, the game won’t just be a simple arena fighter, as it will involve some additional mechanics. It has an additional “Attack, Guard, Break” rock paper scissor elements to it, as well as other sorts of attacks like Evasion and Evasion Catch Attacks. And what is Kill la Kill without the trash talking between the fighters, right? Worry not because the gameplay reveals the also demonstrates the “Ketsui Testament” mechanic where the characters’ heated words can affect the fight’s outcome.

Arc System Works will be releasing Kill la Kill the Game: IF sometime in 2019. It will have an international release, and it will be for both PC and PlayStation 4.

video via IGN