Manga-ka Akane Torikai has announced today — 25th September 2018, that on her official blog that she has wed fellow manga-ka Inio Asano last 13th September 2018. This is the second marriage for both Asano and Torikai, who shared a photo of their paperwork being done at their ward office.

© Akane Torikai

Akano Torikai is best known for penning “Jigoku no Girlfriend”, “Onna no Ie”, “Sensei no Shiroi Uso”, and the spin-off “I Am a Hero Koushiki Comic Anthology: 8 Tales of the ZQN”. On the other hand, Inio Asano is best known for his works “Subarashii Sekai”, “Nijigahara Horogurafu”, “Soranin”, “Oyasumi Punpun”, “Umibe no Onnanoko”, and “Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction”.