Alternative Japanese rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN — composed of Motoo Fujiwara (vocals, rhythm), Hiroaki Masukawa (guitar), Yoshifumi Naoi (bass) and Hideo Masu (drums), have announced that their new single “Tsuki Niji” (“Lunar Rainbow”, has been selected as the theme song of the upcoming anime adaptation of Kazuhiro Fujita’s manga “Karakuri Circus” (“Automaton Circus”). The season will start on 11th October 2018.

© bumpofchicken

BUMP OF CHICKEN has had a long association with the anime industry, providing songs for such titles as “ONE PIECE: Dead End Adventure”, “Final Fantasy Type-0”, “Sangatsu no Lion” (“March Comes in Like a Lion”), “Granblue Fantasy”, and “Juushinki Pandora” (“Last Hope”). With the new collaboration, vocalist Fujiwara was quoted, “I am honoured and delighted (about this collaboration). It’s something I would have proudly shown off to myself in my teens”.

© Kazuhiro Fujita / Shogakukan / Twin Engine

“Karakuri Circus” is a manga by Kazuhiro Fujita, who also wrote “Ushio and Tora”. It follows the intertwined lives of the young heir Masaru Saiga, strongman Narumi Kato, and puppet master Eleanor. Narumi and Eleanor fight to protect Masaru from his evil and greedy family members after his inheritance, as well as solve the dual mysteries of the Zonopha syndrome, as well as their seemingly never-ending cycle of death and rebirth.