There haave been three new developments reported in relation to the arrest and incarceration of former Morning Musume idol Hitomi Yoshizawa. Yoshizawa was arrested in Tokyo on charges of running a red light, hit-and-run, and drunk driving.

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When Yoshizawa was first arrested, she confessed to drinking only three cans of chuhai — or Japanese highball made with shochu (Korean soju). However after results from alcohol testing came back, it appeared that her blood alcohol levels were four times the maximum legal limit, forcing her to finally admit that she also had other drinks besides the chuhai.

In more unfortunate news, Yoshizawa’s mother-in-law attempted to commit suicide after news of the drunk driving scandal broke. The mother-in-law ingested a large amount of sleeping pills, and was rushed to the hospital upon discovery. Yoshizawa’s mother-in-law survived the attempt, and was quoted to have regreted not knowing about Yoshizawa’s problems with motherhood so she could have helped.

Last but not least, promotional activities for Morning Musume’s 20th Anniversary have all been canceled in light of the recent scandal. Fellow former Morning Musume members Natsumi Abe, Maki Goto, and Yuko Nakazawa — who like Yoshizawa were considered “mama-talents” (young celebrity mums), were all already slated to appear in the erstwhile cancelled events.

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