Like actual Pokemon themselves, the permanent Pokemon Cafe’s menu items also evolve from time to time. However, instead of evolving to become stronger, the food evolves to suit the occasion. And as we approach the autumn season, that also means we’re moving closer to Halloween. And this is why the cafe is adding some spooky new menu items featuring some familiar and lovable Pokemon.

Gastly Mincemeat Cutlet Burger (1,706 yen)

Tangela Holloween Mont Blanc (1,490 yen)

Golbat’s Poison Poison Float Drink (918 yen)

Pikachu Halloween Chestnut Latte (918 yen)

Chestnuts and purple potatoes? Well it’s certainly looking like fall already! And with Gastly getting its own menu item, you know it’s almost Halloween! And speaking of which, the Pokemon Cafe is running the menu for a limited time only! If you want to try these unique menu items, better do so before Halloween itself, 31st October.

And in case you wanna know, you can find the permanent Pokemon cafe at Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. East Building’s 5th floor. It’s right beside the Pokemon Center Tokyo DX megastore, so you can’t miss it.

source: Sora News 24