Yes folks, Pokemon GO now has an original Pokemon. Niantic says it will be a Mythical Pokemon akin to Mew, Celebi, and Darkrai, and it’s a Hex Nut Pokemon. They also started streaming a new video introducing Meltan:

In its backstory, it seems that Professor Willow discovered Meltan after his Ditto transformed into one. He then showed his findings to Professor Oak. Oak then said that he read about Meltan in an ancient text he previously read.

Players have been reporting Meltan sightings throughout Pokemon GO. However, as soon as they catch one, they immediately turn into a Ditto. However, it looks like Niantic might finally introduce the new Pokemon in the game soon enough. As for its legitimacy, the Pokemon Company have also acknowledged Meltan’s existence.

And speaking of Mythical Pokemon, Niantic also announced that Deoxys is replacing Mewtwo in EX Raid Battles. It will be the third Mythical Pokemon to be introduced in the game. As for Meltan, it looks like we would have to wait a bit further for more announcements.

source: Niantic