It’s hard to believe that Pretty Cure (or PreCure for short) is already 15 years old. And as they celebrate the franchise’s 15th anniversary, they will be holding a special 15th anniversary exhibition. It will happen on 22-30 September 2018 over at the Yokohama Landmark Tower in Yokohama, Japan.

The exhibition itself will feature exhibits from the original 2004 TV anime all the way to the new Eiga Hugtto! Precure ♡ Futari wa Precure All Stars Memories film. It will also feature original artwork from Futari wa Precure character designer Akira Inagami, as well as a few design illustrations. It will also display several items from the anime’s production, as well as merchandise, toys, and figures.

As for getting there, there are some good news and some bad news. The good news is admission for the exhibition is free! However, the bad news is that visitors still have to pay for the admission inside the Landmark Tower’s Sky Garden. Speaking of which, the venue is also holding the “~Otona ni Natta Minna e~ Precure Girls’ Night by Nagisa & Honoka” (Precure Girls’ Night: For Everyone Who Became an Adult by Nagisa & Honoka) event. It will happen on the night before the exhibit opens, on 21st September at 9:00 pm JST. It will feature the original anime’s two main characters, Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro.

The event and the exhibition not only celebrate the anniversary, but promote the upcoming film as well. The new Eiga Hugtto! Precure ♡ Futari wa Precure All Stars Memories film will premiere on 27 October 2018 in theatres across Japan.

source: Comic Natalie