You’ve heard of One Piece and Pokemon-themed Osechi (New Year Bento Boxes), but have you heard of cat-themed ones? Because now there are! And the best part is that renowned character designers, Akemi Takada (Creamy Mami) and Mutsumi Inomata (Future GPX Cyber Formula) are designing the boxes themselves. These boxes, or Juubako, have a very particular and cute cat design:

Akemi Takada

Mutsumi Inomata

Osechi is a New Year’s bento with deep meaning to the Japanese. Each item inside also has a meaning towards happiness, good luck and health, which is certainly welcome every New Year. Inside these boxes, you will find a feast that is truly something to welcome 2019!

And yes, these bento boxes do include some cat paw pad-shaped kamaboko, which are cured fish paste. The head Tobu Department Store location in Ikebukuro, Tokyo will be selling these boxes for 11,880 yen. They have now begun accepting orders, and will release them before New Year’s eve.

Source: Comic Natalie