Re:Zero is pretty big in China, and so big in fact, that it even got its own China-exclusive commercial. The ad is for Cup Ramen’s Chinese brand, Hé Wèi Dào, and it features Subaru and Emilia. It features Japanese audio with Chinese subtitles so it keeps its original vibe. It is now available via the Chinese streaming site, Bilibili:

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The video features Emilia tutoring Subaru in a study session. In return, Subaru introduces Emilia to the Cup Noodle’s Seafood Flavor which they both enjoy. Though sorry fans of the Demon Twins, but Ram and Rem aren’t starring in this Chinese CM…

And speaking of Re:Zero, Emilia, Subaru, and the rest of the gang will be returning in the new OVA, Memory of Snow. It will feature an all-new story and will even have a Japanese theatrical release on 6 October 2018.