Seiyuu Shinnosuke Tachibana recently posted in his blog, announcing his wife and fellow-seiyuu, Ao Takahashi, has given birth. The two are now proud parents to a healthy baby girl, who Tachibana describes as his “princess”.

The seiyuu also wrote that he wants to add the title of “Ikumen Ikupapa” to his repertoire. To those who don’t know, “Ikumen” is a term to describe men who actively participate in raising kids. He says that he’s having fun doing various activities with his daughter, including bathing. He then went on to add that the seiyuu industry should add an “Ikumen Ikupapa” category.

Shinnosuke Tachibana has voiced plenty of anime characters, including Nils Nielsen in Gundam Build Fighters and Yuusuke Nisaka in Love and Lies. As for his wife, Ao Takahashi has voiced Chieko Kakazu in Daimedaler and Riko in Minami-ke. Congratulations to both of you!