Despite fans campaigning hard with #NoTatsukiNoTanoshi, it seems that the character whose catchphrase is Tanoshi is returning for Kemono Friends Season 2. The new staff for Kemono Friends Season 2 has revealed a new key visual, and it confirms Serval’s return. It also features one of the anime’s new main characters, Caracal.

The new visual also confirms that Season 2 will be having a new design. This is because Kadokawa has hired new staff for the second season. Unfortunately, they kept mum on who the new staff is. Of course, this is because of the infamous fall out between previous director, Tatsuki, and Kadokawa. The company fired the director and his staff and is going a different direction for Season 2. As for the release date, they haven’t confirmed it yet either.

While many fans are indeed hyped for the new season, many are sticking with Tatsuki. In fact, some fans are calling this new season a “fake” as the “real” Kemono Friends anime should be directed by Tatsuki.

source: @kemo_project