When Pokemon first introduced Mimikyu for the Sun & Moon games, the internet fell in love with the Fairy/Ghost Pokemon. It has always craved love and attention, even going as far as dressing up as Pikachu to be loved. But now, Banpresto is giving this mimic Pokemon some love with their latest Ichiban Kuji lottery.

The Kuji prizes won’t just be featuring Mimikyu, but other Pokemon as well. These include Pikachu, Litwick, Ditto, Gengar, Umbreon, and Espeon. The prizes include:

A Prize: Mimikyu plushie

B Prize: Mimikyu hooded blanket

C Prize: Circus tent small item container

D Prize: Design plates (4 variants)

E Prize: Glasses (4 variants)

F Prize: Hand towels (5 variants)

G Prize: Stained glass-style charms (6 variants)

Last One Prize: Mimikyu plush with collar

Banpresto will release the lottery in selected book stores, hobby shops, and other retailers around Japan starting 22nd September. Each try would cost 620 yen, so better wish you’d get a good draw!

source: Animate Times