Taiyou Matsumoto’s “Tekkon Kinkreet” will be getting a stage play adaptation at Tokyo’s Tennozu Galaxy Theater from 18th to 25th November 2018. The stage play stars NOGIZAKA46’s Yumi Wakatsuki as “Kuro”, and Natsume Mito as “Shiro”.

© Taiyou Matsumoto / Shogakukan

“Tekkon Kinkreet” takes place in the fictional city of Takaramachi and centers on a pair of orphaned street kids: the tough Kuro and the innocent Shiro. The two get involved in an evil plot by local gangsters, and become the targets of an assasination plot as a result.

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© Taiyou Matsumoto / Shogakukan
© Taiyou Matsumoto / Shogakukan

• Event Information
Tekkon Kinkreet

18th to 25th November 2018
Tennozu Galaxy Theater