Hunter x Hunter and its mangaka, Yoshihiro Togashi, have been quite notorious for frequent and long hiatuses.While notmal manga hiatuses only last for a week or two for weekly manga, or a month or so for monthly manga, Togashi’s hiatuses last for YEARS. But for his latest hiatus, it seems that it’s only lasting a little over five months.

Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has announced that Hunter x Hunter is in fact returning to the magazine. Specifically, it’s return is set for their 43rd issue, due out in Japan on 22nd September. The hiatus started early April, so this is short by Togashi standards, though long for other mangaka.

In addition, the Jump staff also revealed that they will be releasing a new tankoubon volume for the manga. It will be Volume 35, and they’re releasing it on 4th October. As for the manga’s serialisation return, let’s just say that fans are already expecting Togashi to return to hiatus after a few chapters.

source: Comic Natalie