The Irregular At Magic High School’s loving (and overpowered) Shiba siblings are back! But this time, Tatsuya and Miyuki are inspiring a new line of apparel from SuperGroupies.

For Tatsuya, he inspires a more bad boy look to reflect the badass magic-user with a sister complex that he is. His apparel includes a Rider’s Jacket worth 48,000 yen, a leather wallet worth 11,800 yen, and a watch worth 19,800 yen. The watch comes with a special case.

Meanwhile, Miyuki’s apparel is casual, sporting a snowflake motif as she’s a known ice magic-user with a brother complex. The Miyuki-inspired apparel includes a cardigan worth 12,800 yen. She also inspires a wallet and a watch which comes at the same price as her brother’s. And also like her brother’s, her watch also comes with a special case.

SuperGroupies has now opened pre-orders over at their Product Page. However, better be quick as it will only be open until 24th September. The orders will then ship out by February 2019.

Source: Anime! Anime!