Harukana Receive is one of the season’s best known sports anime, and it focuses on Beach Volleyball. And unlike most anime, its setting isn’t in the mainland of Japan at all, but in Okinawa! The sunny shores of Japan’s southernmost region has finally gotten the spotlight, apart from the usual beach or field trip episodes other anime show.

Crunchyroll compiled a collection of images from the anime, and compared them with their real-life counterparts. These include the above image of Kaichu Doro Bridge, which you can see in the background. As for the beaches, the anime’s most prominent practice spot for the girls seem to be Gushikawa Beach. It’s found in Urama City, and is one of the islands’ less-crowded beaches. Of course, it’s a great spot to play some beach volleyball! Other notable landmarks include Fishagawa Thermal Power Station.

The girls go to Uruma High, which actually used the Maehara Senior High School in Uruma as its basis. As you guessed, it’s not too far from Gushikawa Beach. The anime also featured AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom, the prefecture’s largest shopping mall. Its shisa statues are quite iconic in fact, as these lion dogs are considered guardians in Okinawan folklore.

The anime also featured other notable landmarks such as Henza Island (in the background), as well as Ukun Beach. They used the latter as the stage for the national qualifiers.

So there you have it folks, another place to visit for an anime tour! Well, this would certainly be a great place to visit as they’re not as crowded as the usual spots in the mainland.

images via Crunchyroll