It looks like the story of Tokyo Ghoul’s live-action film adaptation will indeed be continuing! Shochiku just dropped a new teaser trailer which reveals that a sequel film will be coming in 2019. It will once again star Masataka Kubota as Ken Kaneki, and will introduce Shuu Tsukiyama to the live-action adaptation. However, it looks like Tohka will be having a new actress.

Maika Yamamoto (left) will be the new Tohka, taking over the role from Fumika Shimizu who controversially left show business to become a priestess for an infamous Japanese cult. Meanwhile, Shota Matsuda will be playing Shuu Tsukiyama for the live-action version.

Unfortunately, the new announcement hasn’t revealed much details yet. However, Shochiku, the film’s distributor, has been teasing a huge announcement in the weeks prior. Expect them to reveal more details soon.

Now, what do you think of the live-action Tokyo Ghoul film getting a sequel?

source:  Comic Natalie