Fans of the 2.5D musical stage will no doubt be familiar with the name Mario Kuroba. Managed by Vithmic Talent Agency, the 25-year-old actor is one of the most popular young 2.5D musical stars today.

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Mario Kuroba formally made his debut as an actor in 2012 with his role as the bubbly, acrobatic tennis player “Eiji Kikumura” (the 7th Generation) in the 2nd seasonal run of the popular “Prince of Tennis” the Musical’s production franchise. The pivotal point and rapid soar to fame for the young 2.5D actor, however, was probably in 2015 when he landed the key/lead role as “Mikazuki Munechika” in the wildly popular musical adaptation of the (equally popular) browser/mobile game “Touken Ranbu” developed by Nitro+ and distributed by DMM Games. He also holds the role as “Ryota Kise” – the charismatic ace of Kaijo High School Basketball Team – in the musical adaptation of popular manga “The Basketball that Kuroko Plays” by Tadatoshi Fujimaki.

While the major bulk of his work is focused on the 2.5D musical/stage, Mario Kuroba as an actor is still involved in other acting works for TV series, commercials and radio. Recently, because of the achievement of his rapid soar to international popularity at his age, the young actor has just received another important appointment to add to his profile – he has just been appointed the official “Relations Ambassador” of Miyagi Prefecture by the prefectural governing body of the region earlier this week!

Currently residing in Tokyo because of his work, Mario Kuroba was originally born and raised in Sendai – the largest and most important city of the Miyagi Prefecture in the Tohoku region of Japan. As the “Relations Ambassador” of Miyagi Prefecture, his role/duties include promoting cultural, historical and tourism developmental events related to the Miyagi Prefecture, as well as be the “face” of the prefectural government to promote good-will and amiable ties domestically with other regions of Japan and globally with other countries outside of Japan. The period for this appointment is a duration of 3 years and it will officially start on 1 January 2019; until 31 December 2021. Mario Kuroba will be the 9th General “Relations Ambassador” for Miyagi Prefecture, taking over the proverbial baton from current (8th Generation) Ambassador Yuzuru Hanyu, the internationally-acclaimed ice-figure-skater – also another native of Sendai City.

The Miyagi Relations Ambassadorial Project inaugurated in 1996, with the main objective of having popular and notable young public figures from all walks of industries to promote and represent the prefecture and bring it to the world stage both domestically and internationally.

As we have previously reported a few months back, Ryo Kitazono – another popular young 2.5D actor – was appointed regional ambassador of his native Satsuma Prefecture, Mario Kuroba’s new appointment for Miyagi Prefecture makes him the second 2.5D musical actor (from the same musical series adaptation) to take up such a prestigious and important role!


Source: Biglobe News Online