The Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is getting a very special crossover with Pokemon, and it’s all thanks to Eevee! According to the game’s UK twitter page,  “A Pokeball Scavenger Hunt featuring cuddly Eevee-themed items” has already started. Of course, they further added that players have “gotta Catch’em all!”

The collaboration will allow players to win Eevee-themed game items. It will feature Pokeballs scattered all over the game’s various areas, including Shovelstrike Quarry. These Pokeballs also pop up multiple times per day, so gathering them is a bit easier. The event is only for a limited time. However, the game’s staff still haven’t revealed when it will end. Well, you know what they say, right? Gotta Catch’em All!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now available for Android and iOS mobile devices.