South African tycoon and Tesla co-founder Elon Musk is one of the biggest names in technology. And apparently, he’s also a huge anime fan. In fact, he’s a huge fan of Makoto Shinkai’s your name., and even hinted on being an Evangelion fan when someone asked him what his favorite mecha series is.

And just a few days after hinting his favorite mecha anime, the Paypal co-founder said “It is time to create a mecha”.

Musk never really expounded on how he’s doing it, or whether it is a joke or not. However, given that his companies can in fact create such a thing means he’s probably not joking. But if he is, he also has a tendency to create entire businesses out of his jokes, such as The Boring Company, which plans to ease the traffic in Los Angeles by tunneling under the city.

Given he successfully launched a car into space and did various other technological breakthroughs, we may get a decently-working giant robot very soon.