Japan’s television industry is famous for many aspects; and amongst the many popular genres, one very prominent one remains its ‘Tokusatsu‘ or ‘Special Effects’ film-series. Even within this genre, one have to just mention “Masked Rider”, and many people will probably react to the term – because “Kamen Rider” (lit. ‘Masked Rider’) embodies the superheroes and fighters for justice who protect Japan from invading sci-fi monsters and other villains, and is the dream of many a young Japanese boys to want to grow up to be one! Based after the creation of sci-fi manga master Shotaro Ishinomori, the very first “Kamen Rider” TV series made its debut in 1971. In the long history of this particular superhero genre since then, many “Kamen Rider” series have been produced, with different Riders representing different series and leading their respective plots.

After the death of Shotaro Ishinomori, the old era of “Kamen Rider” also gradually faded out to give way to a new wave of Riders known amongst the fandom as the “Heisei Riders” – i.e. the Kamen Rider series made after 1989, when the Heisei Era of the Japanese Calendar started.  And Kamen Riders from series produced and aired the Heisei Era mostly share a common characteristic – they are the handsome rising young stars of the acting industry.

30 years on henceforth, the Heisei Era is going to end come 2019 when the current Emperor Akihito stepped down from the Chrysanthemum Throne and his son the current Crown Prince takes over as Imperial sovereign. As the old era is ending, ISP giant NTT Resonant once again conducted a poll via its Data/Research and Analytics subsidiary Goo Ranking and asked female fans of the “Kamen Rider” series to vote for the handsomest Heisei Era Riders, and the following is the result of the Top 10 via fans’ votes!

1st Place – Sota Fukushi as “Gentaro Kisaragi” and the “Masked Rider Fourze” in the series “Kamen Rider Fourze” (2011 ~ 2012)


2nd Place – Takeru Sato as “Ryotaro Nogami” and the “Masked Rider Den-O” in the series “Kamen Rider Den-O” (2007 ~ 2008)


3rd Place – Hiro Mizushima as “Souji Tendo” and the “Masked Rider Kabuto” in the series “Kamen Rider Kabuto” (2006 ~ 2007)

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4th Place – Ryoma Takeuchi as “Shinnosuke Tomari” and the “Masked Rider Drive” in the series “Kamen Rider Drive” (2014 ~ 2015)

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5th Place – Joe Odagiri as “Yusuke Godai” and the “Masked Rider Kuuga” in the series “Kamen Rider Kuuga” (2000 ~ 2001)

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6th Place – Masaki Suda as “Philip” and the “Masked Rider W” in the series “Kamen Rider W (Double)” (2009 ~ 2010)


7th Place – Jun Kaname a as “Makoto Hikawa” and the “Masked Rider G3″/ “Masked Rider G3-X” in the series “Kamen Rider  AGITΩ” (2001 ~ 2002)

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8th Place – Ryo Yoshizawa as “Ryusei Sakuta” and the “Masked Rider Meteor” in the series “Kamen Rider Fourze” (2011 ~ 2012)


9th Place – Kouji Seto as “Wataru Kurenai” and the “Masked Rider Kiva” in the series “Kamen Rider Kiva” (2008 ~ 2009)


10th Place – Ren Kiriyama as “Shotaro Hidari” and the “Masked Rider W”/ “Masked Rider Joker” in the series “Kamen Rider W (Double)” (2001 ~ 2002)

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