GARNiDELiA fans rejoice, because they finally released their latest album, Kyouki Ranbu, last 26th September! The album includes 10 tracks, including Kyouki Ranbu itself, as well as other songs like Lamb., Pink Cat, and Gokaraku Jodo. The album’s name translates to “Dancing Wildly with Joy” in English.

Kyouki Ranbu has two versions, with a normal release worth 2,500 yen and a limited edition release worth 3,000 yen. The regular edition just contains the CD with the 10 tracks, while the limited edition version comes with a photo book.

Regular cover:

Limited Edition cover:

Track List:

  1. Kyouki Ranbu (響喜乱舞)
  2. avra K’Davarah (アブラカダブラ ~avra K’Davarah~)
  3. Kureha Itoshiuta (紅葉愛唄)
  4. Girls
  5. Love Swing
  6. Lamb.
  7. PiNK CAT
  8. Hysteric Bullet
  9. Tougen Renka (桃源恋歌)
  10. Gokuraku Jodo (極楽浄土)