When Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno directed the Shin-Godzilla film, nobody thought a crossover between the two franchises would happen. And now, Universal Studios Japan is bringing the two franchises together again… or rather, against each other. That’s right folks, USJ’s latest upcoming Cool Japan Attraction is Godzilla vs. Evangelion!

Unfortunately, the Osaka-based theme park has yet to reveal any further details about what kind of attraction this will be. However, they did reveal that Godzilla and Unit 01’s face-off will be from 31 May 2019 until 25 August 2019. Last year, both Evangelion and Shin Godzilla had separate rides, but this year, they will be having one together.

The collaboration started as an April Fool’s Joke as part of the Shin Godzilla’s promotion, taking advantage of the fact that Hideaki Anno is directing both works. However, it spawned plenty of merchandise, figures, and even food collaborations. And now, a few years later, it has spawned a theme park attraction.