The Kemono Friends Season 2 visual has updated once again. Previously, it added PPP members King, Emperor, and Gentoo to the poster which previously only featured Serval and Caracal. And now, it added even more PPP members in Humboldt (AKA Grape-kun’s waifu Hululu) and Rock Hopper. However, they also added Fennec Fox and Common Raccoon as well.

Aside from the newcomer, Caracal, the updated visual only added characters we’re already familiar with from the first season. However, as there’s still some space in there, it seems that they’ll be adding more characters in the background. This is a call back to the anime’s now-iconic OP sequence where they gradually reveal more Friends as the anime goes along.

The new visual also confirms that Season 2 will be having a new design. This is because Kadokawa has hired new staff for the second season. Unfortunately, they kept mum on who the new staff is. Of course, this is because of the infamous fall out between previous director, Tatsuki, and Kadokawa. The company fired the director and his staff and is going a different direction for Season 2. As for the release date, they haven’t confirmed it yet either.

While many fans are indeed hyped for the new season, many are sticking with Tatsuki. In fact, some fans are calling this new season a “fake” as the “real” Kemono Friends anime should be directed by Tatsuki.

source: Comic Natalie