Remember that really old anime that Cartoon Network aired over 20 years ago, The Sneezing Magician? In Japan, it’s known as Hakushon Daimaou, and it follows a genie who gets summoned whenever somebody sneezes near his lamp. It’s one of Tatsunoko Production’s most classic and beloved anime series, and now, good’ol Hachoo is making a comeback. However, he and daughter, Yawn (AKA Akubi-chan), won’t be having a new anime, but they are coming back… as YuruChara mascots.

But why, oh why did such a beloved classic anime character turn into a YuruChara like Kumamon and Chi-chan? Well, it turns out that Hakushon Daimaou himself has incurred a huge 100 million yen debt. And because of that, he has set up his own YouTube channel in order to pay off that debt.

Unfortunately, the genie didn’t reveal exactly why he has that big of a debt. However, Tatsunoko’s president was willing to help by getting him started with his own YouTube channel, right? However, he did drag Yawn along with him, and that we know how mischievous that little prankster can get.

source: Hakushon Daimaou official twitter