A new “Smart Mirror” is launching in Japan, and it’s called Novera. As we previously revealed, Yuuki Kaji is the first seiyuu to lend his voice to the new smart device which gives out beauty advice. And now, they’ve revealed two more seiyuu joining in! The first one is Lelouch Lamperouge himself, Jun Fukuyama! He will be voicing the emotionally honest pastry chef, Yutaka Sudou. Here is a sample of a lady interacting with Nivera using Jun Fukuyama’s character:

Next up is Junichi Suwabe, who will be voicing talent manager, Seiji Amano. His character has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to beauty, and this comes from managing various talents.

The Novera Smart Mirror will be going on sale sometime in 2019, though pre-orders will begin “soon”. So far, they only announced the three, though they admitted that they’re adding more. As to who these other seiyuu involved are is still anybody’s guess though…

source: Nijimen