Kalafina will be releasing their all-time best album “Kalafina All Time Best 2008-2018” today — 24th october 2018. The release will contain remastered editions of 36 songs especially selected for the album. In addition, the first press limited edition will be bundled with a concert photo book and a concert CD recorded during “Kalafina 10th Anniversary LIVE 2018” held at Tokyo’s Budoukan Hall last January 2018.


Kalafina is a Japanese vocal group formed by the composer Yuki Kajiura in 2007. Kalafina is composed of two original members from Yuki Kajiura’s other project FictionJunction — Wakana Ootaki and Keiko Kubota, with the addition of Hikaru Masai in 2008. With Kajiura’s departure from her agency Space Craft Produce in 2018, the group’s status has been in limbo. They are now unofficially disbanded, as Wakana Ootaki and Keiko Kubota has also announced their withdrawal from the group.