When the respected seiyuu and sound director, Kouji Tsujitani suddenly passed away, he left a big void. His sudden passing also gave some problems for some anime, as many of them are still ongoing. One of them is the Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution film trilogy, where he voices Dewey Novak. But fear not folks, because Keiji Fujiwara is making his way back to the franchise to voice the character in place of the recently-passed seiyuu.

To be exact, Fujiwara will be voicing Dewey Novak for the second film, Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution: Anemone. This will mark his return to the franchise after voicing Holland in 2005. His recent hiatus due to health problems prevented him from reprising the role in the more recent anime.

The film will focus on Anemone, a girl who lost her father during a battle Tokyo which happened seven years before the events of the film itself. This is her battle against the “menace” known as the “Eureka Seven”. It will premiere on 10 November 2018 in Japan.

source: Nijimen