AQOURS member Hanamaru from Love Live! Sunshine!! currently serves as Sega’s ambassador/mascot. And now, the anime is collaborating with the classic Sega game, Sakura Wars for a special event. This will involve 187 Sega and AG Square amusement facilities and arcades across Japan.

The collaboration will be from 27 October until 9 December 2018. Those who spend at least 500 yen on the UFO Catcher crane games will get one clear file, and those who spend 1,500 yen will also get a rubber strap.

And speaking of the UFO catchers, they will also feature some exclusive Sakura Wars x Love Live! Sunshine!! merchandise. And yes, it ain’t just Hanamaru who’s getting the Sakura Wars makeover for AQOURS.

Now that’s getting your steampunk on with Love Live!, huh? Though Yoshiko getting even more Chuuni is possible if she gets her own robot…

source: Sega x Love Live! official