Shueisha’s “Monthly YOU” imprint has ended publication today — 15th October 2018, with the release of its November 2018 edition. The magazine debuted in 1980 as a special edition of “Monthly Seventeen” also by Shueisha, and has been published monthly since 1982.


“Monthly YOU” was the home of Kozueko Morimoto’s “Gokusen”, Jun Fukami’s “Pokka Poka”, Satoru Makimura’s “Real Clothes”, and Takaya Kaoru’s “Kanna-san!”. Some of its currently running titles such as “Queen Margo”, “My Orion”, and “Tora-san” will move to “Kokohana”, while “Osomatsu-san” and “Hi ni Nagarete Hashi ni Iku” will move to “Cookie”.

“The Margaret” will be the new home of “Utautai no Kurousagi”, “Mouichido Anata ni”, and “Manmaru Pottage”. “Manga Mee” will now host “Ran & Aoi” and “Haru Hana no Mino”, while “Gunjo no Siren” will move to “Shounen Jump+”.