The Boys Love (BL) or yaoi genre is arguably one of the biggest genres in all of manga. With literally thousands of titles to choose from, fans can find getting a title they would actually enjoy pretty daunting. But fear not dear BL connoisseur, because a new free AI assistant known as BL Sommelier can help you out.

Named after those wine experts you can find in high-class restaurants, the AI is more attuned to BL. It can help fans find ones which suit their tastes, or even explore new manga they haven’t even heard of before. Want a BL with muscular old dudes instead of the usual delicate bishounen and ikemen? Well, it looks like the BL Sommelier has you covered.

Internet portal Chil Chil made the AI, and they’re offering it free of charge. And they created an AI which takes into account a user’s current mood, experience in BL, and their favorite authors. It also takes into account a persons tastes like “seme,” “uke,”“suits,” “lost job,” “middle-agaed men,” and “eyeglasses”. People can now access BL Sommelier even without an account here.

source: Sora News 24