Japanese idol group “Niji no Conquistador” will be releasing their first Best Of album titled “THE BEST OF RAINBOW” on 12th December 2018. The announcement was made at the Shibuya Stream Hall stop of their “2018 Nationwide Tour 5th Anniversary Rainbow Live”. The release will see three editions: a CD+BD set, a CD+DVD set, and a CD-only release.


Niji no Conquistador is a Japanese idol group which centers on illustration, cosplay, and voice acting. The group was originally formed and managed by the illustration website Pixiv as a part of the Tsukudol! Project before passing to Dear Stage.

NijiCon’s time under Pixiv management proved to be controversial, as the company president was alleged to have sexually harassed at least one member of the group. The member, who has since graduated from the group, has sued Pixiv’s president, causing him to step down from his post.

• Release Information

12 December 2018
2-CD + BD: JPY 10,800
CD + DVD: JPY 4,500
CD: JPY 3,500