TV Asahi’s popular hit office ‘bromance’ (i.e. short for ‘BL + romance’) comedy drama “Ossan’s Love” – that ran in the spring broadcast season/slot back in April 2018 – is getting its own official serialization!

©Umebachi Yamanaka / Kodansha © tv asahi

According to Animate Times, the official manga will be following the same title as the drama series. It will be illustrated by rising new-star mangaka Umebachi Yamanaka; and serialization will commence in the 22nd issue of the fortnightly Be.Love Magazine published and distributed by Kodansha, going on sale on 1 November 2018.

© tv asahi

The drama series “Ossan’s Love” stars Kei Tanaka in the lead role; and is TV Asahi’s attempt at a break-through of Japan’s social stigma of ‘same-gender relationships’ through a comedic portrayal of the regular office romance but in a “BL situation/light”. The drama series was so popular that it even received some unexpected cover collaboration with a hit ‘BL’ manga series; as well as getting its own production concept exhibition in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagaya – and tickets for all three cities were sold out! The series also gotten its own Line stickers set!

Fans of the original drama series should definitely not miss the manga serialization – as this is your chance to relieve that sweet (albeit slightly hilarious) feeling of ‘blossoming romance’ once again!