PERSONA5 the Animation” — the TV anime adaptation of Atlus’ bestselling game “PERSONA5”, has wrapped up its season last 29th September 2018 with a special announcement! A year-end special episode dubbed “Dark Sun” will air at the end of the year; the episode will serve as an epilogue following the events of the show.

©ATLUS ©SEGA/PERSONA5 the Animation Project

“PERSONA5 the Animation” follows the plot of the latest installment in the popular “Persona” RPG series. Schoolboy Ren Amamiya has been placed under probation after being falsely accused of assault, and moves to Tokyo from his hometown to attend Shujin Academy.

While there he discovers he has the ability to infiltrate a realm called the “Metaverse”, and right wrongs in the real world by stealing the root of human evil called “Treasures”. He is joined by several people with similar abilities, and together they form the vigilante group “Phantom Thieves of Hearts”.