After the successful release of Gen-3, a few legendary and mythical Pokemon, and a recent Renaissance, Niantic has revealed that Pokemon GO will finally be adding Generation 4 Pokemon. That’s right folks, the Pokemon we grew to love from the Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games are finally arriving. They even started streaming a new announcement video revealing the addition of the Sinnoh Pokemon:

As usual, Niantic won’t be adding them all at the same time, but in waves. They haven’t revealed who they will be releasing in the first wave yet though, but expect a few fan favorites. They will be implementing the releases of the Gen-4 Pokemon within the coming weeks.

So, which Sinnoh Pokemon are you guys most excited for? Chimchar’s line of fighting fire monkeys? How about legendary Pokemon like Dialga and Palkia? Or even mythical Pokemon like Darkrai? Well, it seems that they’re all dropping pretty soon, so get those Poke Balls and Candies ready!