Mao Nanami’s Real Girl (3D Kanojo) is returning for a second season, which continues Tsuttsun and Iroha’s love story. And now, the anime’s staff have revealed a new key visual featuring the two in different countries. While Tsuttsun is in Japan, Iroha is seen in the United States.

As the new visual reveals, Real Girl’s new season will premiere sometime in January 2019. This means that it will be part of the winter 2019 anime season. It also confirms that the AnichU anime bloc will once again be airing the anime.

Hoods Entertainment produced the first season, while Takashi Naoya directed it. The anime is based on Mao nanami’s Josei manga, which follows Hikari “Tsuttsun” Tsutsui, an otaku who hates 3D girls. He thinks they’re troublesome and generally gets out of their way. He particularly dislikes Iroha, the most popular girl in school, who he believes is the biggest example of why he hates 3D girls. However, as he gets to know her more, his heart slowly opens up.

Aside from the anime, the manga also received a live-action film adaptation which premiered last September.

Source: Comic Natalie