Rem has been Re:Zero’s most popular character for a while now, and now, fans have more to celebrate! This is because the lovable demon maid is getting her own life-size bust figure! FuRyu’s hobby brand F:NEX  are the ones releasing the figure sometime in October 2019.

Design Coco, which designed the life-size Momo and Lala figures from To Love-Ru is responsible for this Rem bust. It measures in at 70cm in height and also comes with its own base. However, do expect this figure to fetch a hefty price tag. Most full life-size figures fetch at least a million yen, but since this Rem bust is only part of the demon maid, it’s a bit cheaper (but still expensive).

The bust figure itself is 234,000 yen. A lot more expensive than normal-sized 1/8, 1/7, and 1/6 scale figures, but still cheaper than full life-size figures. Pre-orders are now open, but only until Valentine’s Day next year.

source: Animate Times