After a very successful 2-cour anime run, Katana Maidens ~ Toji no Miko is getting itself a live-action 2.5D stage adaptation. And this time, several SKE48 idols will be playing the main characters. Now, the staff have revealed a new poster visual for the show, and it features the Tojo, also known as Katana Maidens, in costume:

They also revealed new key visuals for the play’s main actresses as well:

Makiko Saito (SKE48) as Kanami Eto:

Marika Tani (SKE48) as Hiyori Jujo:

Yoshino Kitagawa (SKE48) as Mai Yanase:

Saki Takeuchi (SKE48) as Sayaka Itomi:

Sakina Kuwae as Kaoru Mashiko:

Rimo Hasegawa as Ellen Kohagura:

Ryoha Kitagawa (SKE48) as Yukari Origami:

The play will run at the Tennozu Ginga Theater in Tokyo from 10th-14th November 2018.

Toji no Miko: Katana Maidens is a multi-media franchise which includes a TV anime, as well as a manga by Sakae Saito. It follows a group of katana-wielding miko known as Toji, who must protect the public from mysterious creatures known as “Aradama”.

source: Comic Natalie