Ladies and gentlemen, Hikki is teaming up with Skrillex for a new song. And this ain’t just any song, because this will be part of the official Kingdom Hearts III soundtrack. Titled “Face My Fears,” this will be the first collaboration between the Japanese icon and the famous EDM producer. And as it turns out, Skrillex is also one huge Kingdom Hearts fan himself.

Originally, Utada Hikaru wanted to have Skrillex do a remix of the Kingdom Hearts III theme song, “Chikai”. However, being a huge Kingdom Hearts fan himself, Skrillex suggested that they do something not done before. Of course, this resulted to the new song. “Face My Fears,” which will be released in both English and Japanese.

The single for the collaboration will be getting its release on 18th January, the same day as the release of “Chikai”. They’re releasing the songs a week ahead of the game itself, which will be available for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE.

Source: Music Natalie