In our world today, smart devices are everywhere, from smartphones to smartwatches. And now, they’re also launching a new smart mirror in Japan called “Novera”. It’s kinda like a normal mirror, except it will actually help you with doing your hair and makeup, among others. It comes equipped with sensors which read your skin, and will help guide you with your makeup choices. And yes, it will talk to you, and one of the seiyuu lending their voices to it is none other than Yuuki Kaji.

To be precise, the Attack on Titan seiyuu will be voicing a “fashion designer” named Yuki Takano. Novera even posted a sample of him as the character, who is supposed to be fastidious and standoffish.

The Novera Smart Mirror will be going on sale sometime in 2019, though pre-orders will begin “soon”. So far, they only revealed Yuuki Kaji as one of the voices, though they revealed that they’re adding more. As to who these other seiyuu involved are is still anybody’s guess though…

Source: Nijimen