If you’re a big fan of this season’s hot ticket “BANANA FISH“, then you’re in for a treat as an official “BANANA FISH Tour in NY” is being organized by Japanese travel company Kinki Nippon. The tour plans to visit all the key locations featured in the anime “BANANA FISH”, such as Grand Central Station, Chinatown, the Staten Island Ferry, and many others.

© Akio Yoshida / Shogakukan / Project BANANA FISH

As a special treat for fans, the voices of characters Ash and Eiji can be heard inside the tour bus — acting as guides to the city. Last but not least, a private party will be hosted for tour participants, and will feature a special screening of the final episode of “BANANA FISH”. Special commemorative items will also be given to all participants.

A single tour package costs JPY 264,000 per person. Applications are accepted until 14th December 2018, and the tour will commence on 24th February 2019 (5 days, 3 nights).