Some sad news has rocked the geek world, as the man, the myth, the legend himself, Stan Lee, passed away. He was 95.

Born Stanley Lieber in 1922, the Jewish-American dreamed of one day becoming a “great novelist”. However, as fate would have it, he became the biggest name in comic books instead.

Best known for his works in comics, creating and co-creating hundreds of Marvel characters. These include Spider-Man, The Avengers, The X-Men, and many more. He has also influenced a lot of mangaka, including One Punch Man’s Yusuke Murata and My Hero Academia’s Kohei Horikoshi. Murata is also an official Marvel artist who made a Spider-Man cover which garnered much approval from Stan Lee himself. As for his manga works, you can consider him as a mangaka as well. In fact, he wrote the concept of the manga, Karakuri Douji Ultimo alongside Hiroyuki Takei.

Alongside Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, Stan “The Man” helped reinvigorate the superhero genre. He also breathed life to comics by introducing The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. He’s also known to reach across company lines to work with, and help promote other comics companies like Dark Horse, and even DC comics! In fact, DC has such a great deal of respect to Stan that they have created various tributes to him. And yes, it’s just the fans who are fighting each other nowadays.

However, his works aren’t just limited to comics. As we all know by now, he frequently makes cameos in Marvel comic book films. He also makes regular appearances in TV shows, and even hosted a few of them himself. Stan also made a cameo on the Heroman TV anime as well.

And speaking of anime, he also teamed up with Studio DEEN for the 2017 hero anime, The Reflection. His works also garnered Japanese TV anime adaptations, such as The Avengers, X-Men, Iron Man, and Wolverine.

Stan Lee’s passing has left a huge void in films, comics, and even anime. He will be missed. May he rest in Peace.