For a long time now, the bi-annual Comic Market (Comiket) event has called the Tokyo Big Sight its home. However, with the Olympics coming up in 2020, the sporting event is forcing Comiket to move to a temporary venue. And now, they might even charge people entrance fees next year.

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According to the Comic Market Appeal document, their committe members are considering the imposing of entrance fees for both their summer 2019 (Comiket 96) and winter 2019 (Comiket 97) events. This is opposed to what they usually do and have people come and go at their events for free. Normally, Comiket goers would purchase a catalog in order to find where their favorite circles are. But with this new plan, those visiting Comiket must get a catalog or purchase a wristband for entry.

However, the document also stated that their reason for this is for safety purposes. Comiket is infamous for being one of the most congested events on Earth. And should they move to a smaller venue next year, the sea of humanity might be too much for that venue to handle. Fortunately, this isn’t final yet, as they’re still considering the measure.

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be adding a few renovations to the area in and around Tokyo Big Sight. While the regular doujinshi fair will be happening inside its West Exhibition Hall, other areas of the event will be transferring to the Aomi Exhibition Hall, which is near Tokyo Teleport Station. However, it’s still more than a kilometer away, which means fans will be travelling to get from one area to the other.