Dragon Ball fans are some of the most passionate fans out there, and they truly love the series. However, that doesn’t mean that some of them are down with the anime’s many plot holes and inconsistencies. And apparently, one fan has had enough. This fan is Japanese YouTuber BiX, who recently went on a huge rant about the anime. Yes folks, sometimes, you have to point out the flaws in the ones you love to make them better…

He aired a ton of complaints about the popular shounen anime, despite being a huge fan himself. These grievances include subjecting the ever-badass Vegeta into a comic relief to making Gohan into looking like a total weakling. I mean, he looks a bit too skinny in that tracksuit, not to mention making it look like he had a major nerf. And then there’s Frieza, who the anime made look weak despite being one of the most feared beings in Universe 7. There’s also the fact that supposedly weaker characters like Master Roshii and even Android 17 were made to be able to fight beings almost as strong as gods. The inconsistencies with the abilities were so blaring, that he pointed out that they became unbelievable.

He also touched upon the age-old loophole where Dragon Ball has multiple Super Saiyans, even if they originally said that there can only be one Super Saiyan. Oh, and he also said that Dragon Ball must stop relying on Broly as a go-to villain whenever there’s a new movie.

Well, most are really just his opinions, but there are some really glaring matters that he pointed out. And a lot of other Dragon Ball fans agreed. The video even went viral in Japan!

So, do you guys agree with BiX?

source: Sora News 24