Goku and the gang are back, and this time, they’re going against a very familiar foe in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. And now, with its 14th December premiere fast approaching, Toei revealed its final trailer. It also features Daichi Miura’s theme song, “Blizzard”. The video itself also teases two new characters in Chirai (CV: Nana Mizuki) and Remo (CV: Tomokazu Sugita).

The song is very fitting for the film because Goku and Vegeta will be facing off against Broly in a “World of Ice”. As for its single CD release, “Blizzard” will hit the shelves on 19th December.

As for the film itself, it will hold a world premiere event at the Nippon Budoukan, before its general release on 14th December. Creator Akira Toriyama himself is doing the character designs, as well as writing the scripts. Meanwhile, Tatsuya Nagamine (One Piece Film Z) is directing the film over at Toei Animation. It will feature a returning Broly come into conflict with the Z fighters, as well as Frieza!