The anime industry is highly dependent on home video sales to make money. In fact, most of the time, home video sales determine whether or not an anime gets a new season. This fact rings true for a lot of anime, and it seems that the comedy series Dropkick on my Devil is one of them. The anime’s official twitter page that they have sold 1,500 units so far, and only need 500 more to make season 2!

This is a very realistic objective though, as the 1,500 is just for the first set, and they haven’t released the second set yet. And if the first set sold over 1,500 copies, then the second set making 500 would be a bit easier. This second set will be hitting the shelves on 26th November.

The anime will also be holding the “Sugoi Sabbath” event on 20th January. There, they won’t be announcing the Blu-ray and DVD sales. However, producer Koichiro Natsume will be announcing whether or not the anime will get a second season.

So yes folks, if you don’t want Jyaashin-chan to dropkick you, better buy a Blu-ray set.

source: “Dropkick on My Devil!” official Twitter