Evangelion and Shin Godzilla director, Hideaki Anno, doesn’t often appear in commercials, but when he does, it’s often about beer! He previously appeared with actor Satoshi Tsumabuki for the Sapporo Draft Beer Black Label commercials. And now, he’s appearing with him again for yet another round! This is all part of the beer line’s “Grown-Up Elavator” series, where Tsumabuki ascends to adulthood. Anno represents people who are in their late 50’s, specifically, he’s the “58th floor”.

Tsumabuki asked the director a series of questions once again, such as the what are things Anno can only do in anime. To this, the Wind Rises seiyuu answered that anime is the nearest thing to being the embodiment of one’s imagination. He also added “You can make things that can’t move in real life.”

Source: Comic Natalie