The Virtual YouTuber (V-Tuber) craze in Japan has become so hot that Fist of the North Star villains are joining in! That’s right folks, the King Organization chief vassal, Heart, is now a Virtual YouTuber! I guess just being one of the four vassals ain’t enough for him, huh? He has now launched his own channel, and even uploaded his first video!

The YouTube channel launch is part of The Fist of the North Star’s 35th anniversary celebrations. And yes, he also has his own  Twitter account.

“The Destroyer of Fists” would greet viewers on every video and talk about what’s going on. Of course, this would mostly include Fist of the North Star news. But then again, having good’ol Heart as their Vtuber representative is unique to say the least…

Of course, we can’t have Kenshiro say “omae wa mou shindeiru” every single video, right?

source: Comic Natalie