The Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization (BPO) is Japan’s most well-known media watchdog for Television. They monitor TV shows for content which may be deemed too violent or erotic for younger viewers. Of course, they get complaints about anime every now and then, and the latest is (as expected) Goblin Slayer.

Those unfamiliar with the source material who watched the first episode were shocked at how violent and unapologetic the anime was. There was violence, gore, and rape, which surprised many first-time viewers. Of course, this got a complaint from a viewer to BPO for all those reasons mentioned above. They also mentioned that it was a bad influence to younger viewers.

However, BPO’s seven-member committee dismissed the concerns about the first episode. They believed that the various scenes depicting violence and sexual abuse were at the “acceptable range” for what usually airs late at night. Remember folks, Goblin Slayer is a late night anime in Japan, which means kids there are already asleep when it airs. The committee based their decision on the fact that it’s indeed a late night anime, so scenes like that are OK.

Source: BPO